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Vented & Unvented Cylinder System Installation

Most homes in the UK have a combination boiler but if you have high demand for hot water, there’s a good chance that water is pre-heated and stored in either a vented or unvented hot water cylinder.

There are 2 types of hot water cylinder to choose from: vented or unvented. The main difference between them is the way each cylinder is supplied with water.

Vented cylinders need to be supplied by a large tank of cold water which is kept in the loft. The natural pull of gravity carries this water via a vent pipe (hence the name ‘vented cylinder’) down to the hot water cylinder which is usually stashed away in an airing cupboard.

As the water is heated it expands, but the presence of the vent pipe and tank in the loft provides an escape route for the excess.

An unvented cylinder is connected directly to the mains so there is no need for a cold water tank in the loft. You are essentially cutting out the middleman and the pressure of your water should be stronger.

Unlike vented cylinders, there isn’t a vent pipe or tank to cope with excess water as it heats and expands. To remedy this unvented cylinders have inbuilt safety features like an expansion unit at the top or an air bubble that is inserted at installation.

Both unvented and vented cylinders can either be heated directly by an immersion heater in the cylinder or indirectly by a boiler or solar thermal system. Many homeowners use a boiler to indirectly heat the water but have an immersion heater as an optional backup in case of a boiler breakdown.

We at HPS are able to advise and install either system should you require.